Is being vegan good for the liver

Answered on February 16, 2014
Created February 16, 2014 at 1:00 PM

I'm a liver transplant recipient and I was told had to eat meat for protein but can't I go on a raw till dinner diet or all vegan diet and still be healthy?

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3 Answers

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on February 16, 2014
at 05:53 PM

I just posted this link in another thread.



on February 16, 2014
at 01:46 PM

You don't need meat for protein, albeit it is a very good source. One can design a vegan diet to meat dietary protein needs (heck, millions of vegans do that.) Now, if you can propose a vegan diet that meets all micronutrient needs, that would be a feat. You don't need a lot of meat, think of it as a supplement. Enough meat/dairy/eggs for B12, choline, retinol (real vitamin A, not beta carotene), long chain fatty acids, iron and zinc… Those are the nutrients you won't easily get on a vegan diet. A few ounces of beef (beef liver occasionally) and salmon, some eggs and shellfish (oysters, for example) would shore up the best vegan diet. Do notice I don't mention chicken, which has few nutrients that we cannot obtain directly from plants.



on February 16, 2014
at 01:42 PM

Being vegan is good only for big agra and big pharma. Big agra because they make money off the grains, and big pharma once your health goes south and you wind up subscribed for life on expensive drugs with major side effects.

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