Why do all successful vegans live in a tropical environment?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 22, 2011 at 8:19 PM

I like browsing through youtube to see vegans. They fascinate me in some way, and they make me laugh. Not because I think they're completely wrong, but because they always think they're better, that meat is evil, etc. etc. They never use science, they just use their own success as 'proof' for the diet.

Something I learned : every successful vegan, every single one I saw, lives in a tropical environment. They have easy access to fruit, they have sun in all of their videos, ...

Could this be the reason for their success? Just the vitamin D? After all, after living in a very unhealthy way, the only deficiency I had was vitamin D. If my country had such good weather, I'd be successful on a vegan diet too (I tried going vegan but failed miserably, my allergies became much worse).


on August 22, 2011
at 08:57 PM

related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Zh3h_ttZc


on August 22, 2011
at 08:27 PM

u are what you eat holds true here... plants need sunlight, even walking ones... lol


on August 22, 2011
at 08:23 PM

Umeå, which is in the arctic circle in Sweden, has a rather militant tribe of vegans. 3% of students there are vegan.

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on August 22, 2011
at 08:54 PM

I think you've made an astute observation. I actually heard a piece about something like this on NPR. They made the argument that sunlight is the key. Vegans who spent most of their time in the sun were largely spared from diseases like osteoporosis. So if you were going to eat like that, it would probably be easiest in a tropical climate.


on August 22, 2011
at 08:42 PM

I had to do with some raw vegans and also read in the community for some time.

What I noticed is most raw vegans/fruitarians don't want to live in modern society. It seems after going raw vegan they suddenly don't fit in anymore. What is more interesting some experience and unbelievable certainty that the only way to live is in the tropes with a tribe in absence of modern society. There are different types of people, off course. Nevertheless it is interesting to note that eating like that makes you hate people around you and makes you want to live in an environment where you can just grab the food from the trees, living in a paradise like state without work nor violence nor social inequality and hirachies. (I know from personal experience)

It is blatant that eating like that gives you the desire to live in a state where humans would have the possibility to eat like that. Maybe this way of eating also expresses some genes which makes you more susceptible to the way of life like it was when humans ate mostly fruits, which definitely didn't involve a complex society and a world where people are sickly fixated on eating addictive crap. (They are wrong, humans aren't addicted to cooked foods but to grains, dairy, junk food and excessive carbs in general)

Maybe that explains why raw vegans in tropical environments are healthier, because it is indeed the natural environment where we would have eaten large amounts of fruit. Though, I suspect anyone can be healthy in the long torm with only fruits, but it might help them in some way.

Living in the tropical areas doesn't only mean more vitamin D. Some vegans also live in raw vegan communities where a typical day involves eating, eating more, eating a lot more and enjoying other peoples company, nature and other soothing things between those two big melons they constantly have to eat to meet their caloric requierements.

Also people there often have more diverse fruits available to eat, tropical fruits are a big difference to what you get at the supermarket.

But anyway, I don't even know if your assumption is true, that vegans are only healthy in tropical environments. However, these are just a few spontaneous thoughts.

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