What nutrients would I miss if I ate only avocados?

Commented on May 20, 2015
Created May 20, 2015 at 1:00 AM

What if I occasionally ate bananas? Also would occasionally make guacamole with onion, peppers, and salt. Would that cover most of what I need?  I also hate, hate, hate taking supplements because I'm unsure of quality and don't wish to pay the price of good quality.


I would also consider doing this for a week and then having a week with the full paleo list of foods including meat.


The only thing I want to eat

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on May 20, 2015
at 10:34 AM

What is this minimalist drive that makes people only want to eat X?  Sure, eat whatever you like when you like, eat lots of variety, but don't just eat bananas or just avocados, certainly ok for the short term, but very bad for you for the long term.


The best diet is one that includes enough of everything, this is why supplements are necessary in a modern diet; it's because the soil can be depleted of a lot of minerals, which you won't then find in your food.  For example, do you prefer bland, less spicy onions?  Guess what! Those grew in sulfur depleted soil and as such, you won't get much in your diet if you only eat those onions.


One of the biggest things is magnesium, soil fertilized with fossil fuel fertilizer has plenty of nitrogen to grow large fast crops, but we evolved in an environment where calcium was sparse - so we store it in our bones, but magnesium wasn't rare, it was plentiful in all the water we drank and in the soil from where we ate.  So we never evolved a mechanism to hold on to magneisum.


We lived in an environment with sparse salt (except for when we went into the ocean), and plenty of potassium, but now that's reverse if you eat SAD - almost every crap in a box meal is over salted and the salt is nearly pure sodium chloride without any trace minerals, so we crave more salt though it becomes harmful for us once we shift the potassium sodium balance the wrong way.


With the SAD, you'd get too much calcium (from dairy) and very little magnesium, which causes the calcium to be deposisted in your arteries where it doesn't belong instead of your bones.  Supplementing with vitamin D (also something we evolved to get lots of from sunshine, but now we hide indoors from), and K2 (found in egg yolks, liver, and even natto) makes sure that the excess calcium, if any, goes to the right place.


These are just a few examples.  If you rely on just one kind of food, or overuse of a small range of foodstuff, you lose out and supplements become necessary.


It's ok to do an Art De Vany where you change things up in a fractal way, some days you get a lot of X, some days you get a lot of Y, some days you get a lot of Z, some days you fast.  But in the long term, you need to ensure you don't go defficient in either X, or Y, or Z (or any of the hundreds of nutrients and micronutrients we require.)


The closest food to being perfect would be the egg since it contains everything it needs to create a whole creature, but even so, you can't go on an egg only diet for a long period and not get depleted in some nutrients.  Oh, and you'd also need to eat the egg shells too, and ensure that the eggs you've got were on pasture and were allowed to eat bugs and weren't "Omega 3" eggs, battery eggs, or from abominations such as "vegetarian" fed hens.


tl;dr eat lots of leafy greens and other veggies, avocados are great too, eat nose to tail (including liver, and other organ meats) from wild caught fish, pastured/grassfed ruminants, pigs, and the occasional fowl.  Add in some good quality eggs.  Fast occasionally, but not too often.


What if you occasionaly ate bananas?  Nothing wrong with that, go at it.  What if you only ate bananas or you ate like 30 a day every day for long stretches of time?  Very bad idea.


What if you occasionally ate avocados?  Wonderful stuff.  What if you ate only avocados every day for long stretches of time?  Very bad idea.

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on May 20, 2015
at 12:36 PM

Thanks Raydog.  I agree with your sentiment on people who want to take the thinking out of eating by only eating x.  In my case, I'm considering a living situation where I would not have a kitchen and no room for mini fridge or hotplate cooking. Right now I rely on heat/electricity for 80% of my meals and I'm trying to figure out how to do paleo somewhat off the grid.



on May 20, 2015
at 04:05 AM

Lots. Add broth for aminoacids, occasional liver for retinol and sardines for iodine, selenium and O3, and some high vitamin C food, like kiwi or peppers. You will still be low in zinc, calcium and magnesium.

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on May 20, 2015
at 12:38 PM

Thanks glib.  Forgot about sardines, this will be a lifesaver.

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