What is more healthy? Paleo or Vegan?

Asked on February 15, 2016
Created February 15, 2016 at 5:55 PM

I am totally confused now, have read several books, watched a lot of stuff on YouTube. Have seen a lot of study, but cannot judge on my own, if they are biased/influenced or not. Both "Lifestyles" claim that they are more healthy and that the other lifestyle is not healthy at all. Vegans often argument with the pain of animals, which isn't directly related to human health, Paleo argument with this is what we ate 10.000 years ago, which also does not let us conclude that this is healthy (it could be probably, although). I don't get it however, how fish and seafood, from the Pacific Ocean, could have been part of the normal diet of people living in the mid of Africa and who did not had ships and fishing nets. I am also pretty sure, that muscle gains are better on Paleo diet, but that does not make you more healthy or increases your longevity. I also understand, that you need supplements in the vegan diet, while you don't need them in Paleo. However, is there any real scientific evidence which of these two diets (a "healthy" vegan diet which does not consists of grains and Cola and a "healthy" Paleo diet which does not consist of Bacon and honey, only) is more healthy, prevents metabolic syndrom diseases and gives you longevity? Or do you know, which is the most scientifc ressource which compares these two lifestyle  (including studys and so)?

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