Paleo Health versus Vegan Morality part deux. Can we examine the basic premise?

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Paleo vs Vegetarian: A question of optimal Health vs evolved compassion?

There was an earlier question offered up regarding the necessity of eating paleo for health versus evolved morality. That somehow vegan = morality = not killing animals, The biggest hole in this argument is the misconception that eating vegan or vegetarian doesn't sacrifice animal life. What about the earthworm torn to pieces by the plow? The pheasant eggs broken and scattered by the harvester? The fox nest dug up and pups destroyed by farm implements? All the underground and above ground fauna that is destroyed not only by big agriculture but even a small garden plot of vegetables? We are talking billions of organisms.
Where does everyone think the wheat, vegetable, etc. come from? Somebody already said it in that thread but what about the animals without faces. Somehow those in the moral vegan-veg camp never really explain or address this fact. At least that I have seen.
Just my opinion but if you really want to be a moral vegan you should go out in unspoiled fields, careful where you walk, and eat wild grasses only.

I'd like to know from some of the vegan converts and if there are any moral vegans that come to this site to know if they were/are really aware or just avoiding an inconvenient truth.

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I think this can go on the other question

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