Do you feel guilty eating animals?

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Paleo vs Vegetarian: A question of optimal Health vs evolved compassion?

A funny sort of question to ask the paleo community, but I thought I'd put it out there!

I'm doing amazingly well eating plenty of animal fat, bone broth, seafood, and my all-time favourite, lamb forequarters slathered in grassfed butter :^D I feel fantastic- it's like a dark cloud has been lifted that hit an all-time peak when I was vegan. It's incredible how sick I used to be, and how quickly I'm getting my mojo back.

And I know it doesn't make much sense. Even my cute little goldfish will attack the living daylights out of anything smaller than them if given the chance, and they're the sweetest creatures alive. Maybe it's the disconnect brought about by the fact that I can't actually hunt my own food. I feel incredibly guilty, even thought I don't think veganism will save the world anymore. I am buying from a farm where the cows live their lives surrounded by green. I know 'free-range' is a load of crock so I don't feel so great about that, but I buy everything locally when I can. I know that to be alive means others will have to die. This applies to everyone, not just vegans- I don't think you can find a loophole in the system that exempts you from this, but you can ease suffering whenever possible (usually meaning whenever you can afford it). I get so mad at vegans though, for oversimplifying this whole issue and demonising those who eat meat, as if they are murderers. I don't kill things for pleasure, I support the industry because here I am, alive, and I only seem to thrive on these foods. The alternative is slow death, in my opinion. (These are the kinds of thoughts I have in the midst of guilt-panic.)

Still, during a big pig-out with lots of amazing feel-good food, I sometimes sit and smell the smells that used to repulse me, and I feel the guilt.

Do you feel it? What do you do about it?


on January 26, 2012
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Sorry, but this has been discussed many times. You can add to the previous discussions. Another good place to discuss it is letthemeatmeat.com

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