Cooked/Raw Vegan for years, tempted to start Paleo? Please read!

Answered on April 29, 2014
Created April 28, 2014 at 9:42 PM

Basically I started being vegan at the age of 14, then went raw vegan an year ago (I'm 18 now). Basically raw vegan has KILLED my stomache. I get such pains that are unberable and have been with them for quit a while. Cooked vegan was better, but left me hungry all the time. So I'm thinking of doing a diet I've been "craving" to do for quite a while. I really love eggs, meat and fish, but thought they would make me fat, so I've been stuffing myself with high-carb, low fat and protein foods... How does this diet plan sound: Breakfast : 3-4 eggs, pieces of cheese and one avocado. Lunch: Big steak and a lettuce salad with butter or olive oil. Dinner: Fish with a cabbage salad. Just an example. Now this menu I'm sure I can keep for years. Those foods fill me up and are what I crave. I've never had a sweet tooth anyway, but raw vegan forced me to eat tons of fruit which I didn't really enjoy this past year. I just want to be free, you know? The steak, eggs are home grown and fed, only the fish will be store bought, organic.

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3 Answers



on April 29, 2014
at 07:38 AM

That sounds pretty much like I began. And gradually it wrecked my digestion and energy levels. Adding back in white potatoes, white rice and mung bean noodles sorted me out. But I do regret the low carb year.



on April 29, 2014
at 12:29 AM

Any reason you're shooting for low-carb?



on April 28, 2014
at 11:36 PM

Sounds great to me!

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