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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 03, 2011 at 3:19 PM

I will be moving to Richmond, VA in May from the Washington, DC are and was wondering if there were any paleo hack's down there? Also, I got so spoiled with the amount of grass fed, free range, organic, and whole foods type products in DC I am afraid that I will be let down in Richmond. Anyone live or lived down in that area that can point me in a good direction? There is a whole foods and trader joes but 1) it will be a good 25 minutes from where I will be living and 2) I would like to find a local farm supplier.

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6 Answers



on April 04, 2011
at 02:05 AM

There's a great local grocery store called Ellwood Thompson's in the Museum District area (not sure where you will be living). Belmont Butchery, as mentioned before, is also great for meats and fat.



on April 03, 2011
at 05:40 PM

Fall Line Farms AKA farm to family AKA Lulus Local Food awesome co-op. Averys Branch farm-raw Jersey milk,butter and colostrum eggs Whole Foods,trader Joes,Ellwood Thompsons And last but not least Nadolskis Butcher Shop-amazing!


on April 03, 2011
at 05:03 PM

I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Richmond - I am an hour North of Richmond. About 1/2 between DC and Richmond (Fredericksburg area) and we are left out quite a bit. haha I seem to find a bunch things for Northern VA, Richmond, DC and Charlottesville but Fredericksburg seems to be lacking. :(

A few





there are several more but that is all I could find/remember off the top of my head. and of course the other great site localharvest and eatwild all ready mentioned will get you quite a bit also.

Good luck



on April 03, 2011
at 04:13 PM

I live in the Hampton Roads area (about an hour south of Richmond), but I make the drive up to Richmond to visit Belmont Butchery. They feature meats from local farms, and they offer both pasture-raised and 100% grass fed beef. I thoroughly enjoy their homemade pates and terrines. You can check out their website: http://belmontbutchery.com/

Also, I would recommend checking out the Fall Line Farms co-op at http://flf.luluslocalfood.com/. I belong to a sister co-op in the Hampton Roads area, and it is AMAZING. Basically, it is a delivery system by which local farmers and producers can get their products to consumers. Once you join the co-op, you can go online and place an order for the products (meat, seafood, veggies, eggs, etc.) that you want, and you go pick up your order at a drop-off point the following Thursday. They have about a dozen drop-off points around the Richmond area, so there should be one close to you.

Richmond has a substantial Buy Fresh Buy Local movement. You can get more information here: http://www.buylocalvirginia.org/ass/library/16/bfbl_richmond_10.pdf

Lastly, Richmond is within an hour or two of many great farms where you can pick up grass fed beef, pastured pigs and chickens, goat, lamb, etc. Eatwild.com is a good resource for finding those local farms.

I think you'll find that there are some great resources in Richmond. Good luck!



on April 03, 2011
at 06:20 PM

I live in the Shenandoah Valley and while I've heard of some good grassfed beef places, I haven't gone to any personally. I need to start hitting up the farmers market's around here too!

There are a lot of people that have chickens when you get more rural, so you may have a good source for eggs. My mother in law has 15 chickens or so, and gets between 8-12 eggs A DAY. She can't give em away.



on April 03, 2011
at 04:04 PM

Check out localharvest.org or eatwild.com. Virginia has alot of good resources. Can't speak directly to Richmond, but the Shenandoah area has alot of local, natural farms. I know, off the top of my head, that Polyface farms has a buying club with a drop-off site in Richmond.

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