Seeking advice - 1month into paleo eating and maffetone training, key ultramarathon race coming up in 2 weeks.

Answered on May 05, 2016
Created May 04, 2016 at 3:34 PM

Hi, I am 1 month into maffetone training, trying to maximize my aerobic base and seeking to possibly become a 'fat burning beast'.  While this process of becoming efficient at burning fat can take a long time, I have a somewhat possibly incompatible set of goals - 50miler in 2 weeks and 100 miler later this year.  Has anyone gone thru similar scenarios and have any advice how to run and eat for the 50miler.  There is a 12hr cutoff that I have to hit for the 50miler, a qualifier to be able to run the 100 miler.    Thanks!

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on May 05, 2016
at 04:48 PM

I think if you go over your aerobic threshold during the 50 miler it is probably not going to set you back that much in the long run, so I wouldn't worry about that too much.  You are probably not completely fat adapted at this point so you will probably need to fuel with more carbs.  The best way to tell how to fuel your body is to practice during your training runs, but with only 2 weeks to go I am not sure how many long training runs you are going to get in between now and then.

As far as the 100 miler goes, you should be much more fat adapted by then, so your approach to that race is going to be much different ;)

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