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Chase & has more confidence than ever and we have a plan that we're going to do this together were being in supporting each other it's going to be awesome came back home is it's better realist affect our environment actor what we're used to 12 she can she see release NAIA you know now faster grout I'll drolly addressing this but I think we pride merciless six months offering the whole year with this costs she them saw Kevin work in hard during this especially here thinking got it down pretty good I'll makes life is quite powerful yet but you know I don't ever call my calories we do really good and I still see it myself here polar racial I can really come where this what this but I just can't no matter what I do through I can't seem to figure it out so I???m just incredibly frustrated and Ultra Colon Cleanse stand just got home which is and stroke average height isolated story and sometimes he's up so I had a good week last week Olson???s down again fun just doesn'twanna do that stuff I didn't think and yes even reached on first thing to do is that something tells me that the right so our here George et sees hometown and I wannasee other Dell I spent no song week without giving them the tools everything p I sent home in sight carsick a slap 0 loll %ah spry all wall I a pair role knowing the surprises like us hahayeah sir you head when I see Rachel G snap they look great I can see to changes in the face in their body but we are they have we to the 90-day call I???ll as you can see I'd rather with the ice for a while the alternative.


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Admins should restrict URL / Link posting for accounts with reputation points below 250 or so.

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