Paleo Protein for an Ulcer?

Asked on June 09, 2013
Created June 09, 2013 at 1:22 AM

I'm 21 years old and within the past 2 months have developed severe ulcers. I don't believe they were caused by my diet, but rather by a 3 year battle with bulimia when I was younger (boy, am I kicking myself now).

The first attack I had occurred two months ago after eating rotisserie chicken. After learning I had severe ulcers and that fatty meats can exacerbate the problem, I cut out all meat from my diet and ate solely fruits and vegetables, mostly raw, for about a month. I felt great and experienced no attacks, but then I lost my period (which I have yet to get back). I believe this was from lack of calories/iron, so I started adding in sweet potatoes, beans, and quinoa. the sweet potatoes are fine and I find they actually help stop an ulcer attack. i probably eat about 15 a week. The beans made me feel heavy and lethargic and had too much sodium (i feel best on a very low sodium diet and it's also best for the ulcers). The quinoa triggered an attack so I've since eliminated it.

Last week I had 3 ounces of free range turkey in a salad and that didn't seem to cause much trouble. However I don't think the fat in turkey is optimal and I can't just live on turkey. I would try chicken again but I can't find any organic hormone-free chicken and when It comes to meat I'm not willing to consume anything grain/hormone fed anymore.

So what can I eat that's high in iron/protein and won't trigger my ulcers? i'm to the point where I'm afraid of all foods that aren't sweet potatoes and apples because the attacks are so bad and it seems the most random things can trigger them. They last anywhere from 4-12 hours and radiate to my back, cause vomiting, make it hard to breathe, etc. But losing my period is equally as scary and I'm desperate to regulate it again. I've heard eggs are okay some places and then others say they're an irritant. If anyone has any experience/advice I would truly appreciate it.

some other facts

I'm gluten and grain free and have been so for the past 5 months I'm currently eating very low fat/high carbohydrate (it seems to be unanimous that high fat triggers attacks and I've found this to be true so far) I take b12 and d3 regularly Foods that have triggered attacks so far:chicken with skin, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce (except for fat free tomato sauce for some reason), quinoa, olives, fat free raw muesli (the first time I'd consumed grains in 5 months in attempt to add some calories), lemon juice (only sometimes though), grapes, pomegranate, unripe bananas

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