Ketosis Cycling

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 03, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Will you lose more weight by staying in Ketosis, but cycling from Deep Ketosis (30g-), mid Ketosis (60g) & mild ketosis (100g) and again back down to Deep Ketosis and then repeat all over again. Will this be more effective than just generally staying in Ketosis?



on February 10, 2013
at 10:50 PM

Arguably, ketosis is more of an on-off system than a progressive one. I believe that going in and out of ketosis is far superior to staying 100% ketogenic all the time. cf hormesis.



on November 03, 2012
at 11:31 PM

If you're eating 100g carbs a day, you're almost certainly not going to be in ketosis unless you're doing lots of cardio. And to answer your query, no. It's better to just stay in ketosis consistently rather than bouncing up and down and confusing your body.

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on February 11, 2013
at 05:55 AM

You realize that even pro- Bodybuilders don't obsess about food quite that much. Also, fwiw, I've lost 180+ lbs. I've lost it on High-carb, mid-carb, lowish carb. Zero Carb was awful. My BP was 90/55, I had to take potassium tablets and an extra teaspoon of salt (or more) per day in order to not be dizzy. Ketosis is absolutely unnecessary for 99% of people.

Get some sleep, workout a bit, eat a Paleo Diet. Obsessing doesn't burn many calories.


on November 03, 2012
at 11:14 PM

Are you talking about grams of carbs? I don't know if you can eat that much CHO and still be in ketosis. I mean, everyone's different I guess, but I think on average you have to stay under about 50 g. I know I do.


on February 25, 2013
at 12:44 PM

How are you measuring this 'level' of ketosis? If you're using ketostix then it is all irrelevant. The detected level/colour change will not just be an indicator of your own ketone production but also the food you've just eaten and how hydrated you are.

Just thinking about it, the ketone production will be a secondary process in reaction to something. Ignoring the food production of ketones and hydration levels, if you are exercising heavily in a carb-depleted state, you should eventually start burning fat and producing ketones. Keep doing this and you will heavily produce ketones as you burn more fat. Alternatively, don't exercise but eat in a calorie deficit and you're body will turn to stored fat and produce ketones. I'm sure there are other factors that will change your ketone production but ultimately you can't just change your levels directly. So your question is hard to answer and yet easy to answer as you're really asking if intense exercise and a calorie defecit will increase fat loss. Yes. Unless you're also increasing cortisol enough to outweigh this benefit, then no.

Remember as well that your body becomes more efficient at burning fat and tapping into the reserves and so produces fewer ketones, changing your level of ketones and perceived state of ketosis.

It's a very arbitrary and circumstantial question.



on December 16, 2012
at 05:35 PM

The amount of carbs you ear doesn't correspond to a particular degree of ketosis as you put it. If you want to know how 'deep' your ketosis is measure your blood ketones. Some can handle more than 50g of carb/day and stay in ketosis. I would also doubt that 100 carbs/day would low enough to keep you in ketosis.

As has already been mentioned, I would also advice keeping a low intake of carbs to stay in ketosis. I think the consistency will help you become even more efficient in using fat as fuel. But this is just personal experience, YMMV.

Out of curiosity, what would be the argument for trying to go in and out of ketosis for helping weight loss?



on November 04, 2012
at 12:58 AM

I'm currently ketogenic and it really does some nice things for me. My recommendation would be to get carbs nice and low, like 30gm GROSS, not net, and keep your protein moderate (sub 150gm per day) and greater than 30 per meal. Stay there for a full 30-40 days. Depending on the activities you enjoy you may be perfectly fine to continue this. If you like to sprint or have a lifting style that requires more glycogen you might at this point want to do a big yam or glucose rich shake 1x a week. I do Stronglifts 5x5 3x a week with lots of extra walking, I don't drive, and the occasional extra gym day where I foam roll, lift the bar only and ride a bike for 30-40 minutes while listening to audiobooks. I've had no need to for any extra carbs beyond my 30ish day.

I'll also say this, BoneBrothFast is correct that you won't be producing usable or measurable amounts of Ketones at 100g of carbs per day. I will also add that not adapting to one general diet will probably increase your risk of muscle loss.

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