Turkey as protein source

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created August 25, 2010 at 10:02 PM

Is turkey a good source of protein in Paleo diet? Doris

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4 Answers


on August 26, 2010
at 12:03 AM

I don't see much problem from protein in turkey, but probably more in the fat ratio of PUFAs like 42 mentioned.

It's hard to find fowl that has been properly raised on a natural diet that included worms and insects as well as vegetation and they have a tendency to store more PUFA.

On the protein side it's fine, but for the fat I would favor ruminants like beef or bison. Not saying not to eat turkey, just maybe not to make it the basis of all your meals.


on August 27, 2010
at 05:43 PM

Whenever I choose to eat a poor omega6 choice food like birds, I make sure to enjoy a sashimi salmon night the next day.

Good protein, I rarely indulge because of omega6 ratios. My health went supernova when O6 went super low



on August 27, 2010
at 05:24 PM

When I lived in California I could get turkey thighs all year 'round, and ate them - baked, skin on, with herbs - a few nights a week. (I was partly raised in Germany and have a taste for gamier meats, chicken just does nothing at all for me.)

I've had sucess with this way of eating without obsessing about the PUFAs and omegas, so take this for what it's worth to you. But I did very well on regular amounts of dark-meat turkey, fish and red meat, all sourced as best as possible.

Now that I live in New Hampshire, people only seem to eat turkey around Thanksgiving and give me very odd looks when I ask around for it. Time to get a deep freeze.

I suppose it depends what your specific goals are and the context of your question.



on August 25, 2010
at 11:17 PM

Well, it's a source. "good" depends how the birds were raised. Factory-farmed ones, not so much. Pastured heritage birds, better. Probably still not the best omega 3/6 ratio.

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