Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment and diet

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 29, 2012 at 12:38 PM

I know this is a diet related sitebut I was wondering if any one had ever experiences carpal tunnel syndrome, how was it treated and what were the results?

I've recently had a nerve conduction test which showed slow conductivity in the median nerve. I've constant pins and needles in 3 fingers brought on by a heavy day of front squats. It's been 3 weeks now.

Is it carpal tunnel or could I have a nerve stretch/strain like a neuropeaxia?

Does B 12 help this



on June 29, 2012
at 12:39 PM

Diet related. Damn auto text. Not dust

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on June 29, 2012
at 01:55 PM

Hi Rob, I have had CTS for years, especially after long bike rides or detail intensive work.I thought it was low blood pressure forever, then recently I did something to my median nerve and the fingers affected have lost sensation in the tips, with occasional aching in the wrist and forearm. It has not subsided in two months like the sensation usually does after riding. My intention is to get some acupuncture therapy first, and if that doesn't work, seek surgery, in which they slice open your wrist and expand the carpal tunnel by cutting it. I am not sure about the b vitamins, although I take them intermittently, I cannot say if they help. I have noticed that alcohol exasperates it the day after.


on June 29, 2012
at 11:05 PM

Thank you.

@john turner

I'm not overweight I am very physically active. Do some heavy lifting, cleans, snatches, deads with sprints and occasional longer run.

I noticed this after a heavy weights session and it has never gone away.

I'm strict paleo, don't drink, smoke and hate taking anti inflams.

Nothing really makes it better or worse but sometimes when I move my wrist in flexion I get an electric shock of tingles but then I can't replicate it



on June 29, 2012
at 02:31 PM

I had a Repetitive Strain Injury from using my computer mouse. I was given a special wrist support/guard that I had to wear for two months. I don't know what it was called but it had a hard part and a soft part. I wore it only for one month because one of my colleagues at work was teasing me (use your imagination what you can do with your right hand).

I was also prescribed some pills that... I did not take. The hand healed on its own because I tried not to use the mouse any longer, but I still had the tingling sensation for a long time. It only ceased when I became Paleo. I even remember noticing - wow, no more tingling in my fingers!


on June 29, 2012
at 02:30 PM

Rob, tell us more about yourself. Are you overweight, do you have diabetes, etc.?

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