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That insulin is tested as long as well as glucose movie it's easy just because it's tested but you want to see how does your body responded shiner and I want to know how higher blood sugars tend to go and how low they tend to go so as far as controlling those because SS you should be able to maintain your blood sugar with within a very narrow range and if you're seeing a lot of highs and lows it probably indicates your choices are not the best so you want to get away from things that have impact at like processed food as a process the food is practically like its pre digested and will tunes Lipo skin which started on grains if you process a grain the rice is probably more dangers in this aspect in wielder other grains but if you make a very fine flour they can be absorbed very quickly you're going to impact a great deal how higher budget goes in and how low goes good hyperglycemia is usually a reactive situation where you have you been eating too many other sugars the best thing I can tell you is to locate nutrient-dense choices and food festivals if you're eating days with a lot officer if you have to digested breakdown that fiber that the infusion at this year is going to be a lot slower if you eat five real also carry sugar out with it she want to control the impact I was sure that you eat that's really.

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