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Asked on August 04, 2014
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The other guys were running around the beach in swim trunks but I kept my shirt on because I was so embarrassed at my scrawny sides not my clothes fit and I didn't even feel like a real man I quit playing high school sports because I could handle all we got social skinny comments in the locker room most days I look in the mirror I felt like crying I still remember the hottest year old school saint in grade you be so much hotter he just put some muscle in your arms the only thing I wanted was to be big strong and muscular no matter how hard I try to remain the same skinny strong and weak males would be skinny I mean I had no muscle mass what so ever you know what I???m saying to have the same problem I bet you do so I gave up the dream to be in part because I figure gaining muscle was nearly damn impossible it was like my outbuildings testcore pro which was permanent set to the of physician and I figured everyone was right I was destined to live up to my skinny the nickname and no one expected anything differently from me so it wasn't like I was disappointing anyone except maybe myself even my dad was usually supportive of me after seeing me try so desperately to build muscle would regularly tell me to give up on my body building dreams he told me just was it was meant to be and I should stick to running just liken uh my brothers I still wanted to make.

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