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I'm trying to be mindful I like that this is that this is a big batch never make so not one thing that we want to do is we have our oil inside it the medium keep an and we're looking for a little bit that sizzle so I'm going to do is we're not sauteing these were actually going to sweat bees saut?? it high heat sweat is about medium heat in what we're doing is extracting Grow xl the moisture out more softening is up did you know that milestone whether you walk it or run it burns the same amount of calories glad that's the truth what do you walker run doesn't matter in fact in the book we talk a lot about walking and Americans we are the least walking nation right now new report just came out and his list minutes up walking a day can't help change your cholesterol in your blood pressure and you risk for diabetes when you are watching out for the fact that is what you cooking with what are .

the chances what makes things burn have you ever burn something when you're doing lowfat cooking uh the San Disk its chart up what happens is we have to keep whatever's in the scan moist so whether it's covering in oiled the other tip is you use just little bit oil you want to add a little bit a water tithe pan so we don't want to oil these we won a tennis team saute Grow xl so in induction cook top clubs with magnetism so what happens is there's magnets underneath this cook top and what it does is it educates down to like the molecular level the metal hand so what that does actually creates friction that we can't see so even though the pan is hot and conducting heat I can't really touch that's right yes that???s its hot because it has residual heat but I cannot say for sure yet accepted the great thing about stoops to write is.


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