1 year on paleo and still have acne?

Answered on November 22, 2015
Created November 20, 2015 at 9:41 PM


I have had acne for about 3 years now (started around puberty), and about a year ago decided to adopt a paleo diet to try and fix the problem. At the beginning, everything went well and I noticed a slight increase (less cystic pimples) however that was about the extent of improvement. I currently still have acne and am desperately wanting to finally get rid of it. I have tried multiple different strategies while on the diet to see if it would help... and none of them have worked thus far. I desperately want to finally get rid of it and now ask you what advice you have.

Some background information:

  • I have tried both low fodmap and autoimmune paleo (for about a month)
  • I have tried OCM multiple times with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond (mixed with castor)
  • I have only washing with water for about a month
  • I have tried manuka honey and tea tree oil (both broke me out)
  • I have tried supplementing with fermented cod liver oil, zinc, selenium and magnesium (in moderation)
  • I only eat pastured meat (i.e grass-fed beef, wild fish, etc.) this includes free range omega 3 eggs
  • My face is oily, not dry or combination

As mentioned before nothing above worked (improved slightly but only temporarily). Currently, I OCM twice a day with sweet almond oil and castor however that hasn't seemed to help much, and I actually got 2 cystic-ish pimples on different areas of my face shortly after using it (not sure if correlation or is something internal). I used to have acne on my chest and back but it has decreased dramatically and is practically non-existent). I also only use original Castille soap on my hair and body. My fruit intake is low (not even a piece a day). I get 9 hours of sleep a day and practice yoga daily.

I apologize it is a lot of information to digest however, I am so tired of trying so many things with no success and as mentioned before really want to finally overcome it, (gosh knows I feel like I deserve it with the effort I put in)! Please leave any suggestions you may have as to how I can help my problem, or if you were in a similar situation how you overcame it (should I switch my face wash, supplement sorta thing).

I thank you in advance for your time, and will truly be forever in your debt if your advice finally helps me! 

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on November 22, 2015
at 11:08 PM

How is your water intake? Perhaps, you should consider not doing the OCM. Have you ever tried using Burt's Bees sensitive skin line? I use the towelettes, not everyday but when I need it. My skin is very oily too, I know how you feel. I currently apply shea butter on my face but it looks extra oily. I use it for extra moisture because it is cold outside. I am going to use Vintage Traditions tallow body balm. I am not sure how it is going to work but I hope it goes well. The clearest my skin has been, was when I was on a diet similar to yours. I ate a lot of vegetables and meat. I would go with cucumber, zuchinni, and lettuce because of their high water content. Now, I do not eat ingpaleo anymore. I eat the foods I want but my skin suffers for it. When it comes to soap I use Shea moisture Black Soap. I do not know how it will affect your skin. I struggle with acne too, I hope you feel better. 

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