High cholesterol and triglycerides

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Hi all,

I'm a 44 year old male that is not over weight, I had a blood test with my doctor 4 weeks ago. My test showed very high triglycerides 10.5 mmol/L or converted 930 mg/dl and high cholesterol 7.3 mmol/L or converted 282 mg/dl. My doctor put me on statins but I only took them for one week and want to lower these two through diet.

Through research over the last 3 weeks I have ended up here and have been on a paleo diet for the last 3 days, first I eliminated all sugar, but continued to juice fruit. Then I eliminated all carbohydrates, however I am still juicing once a day with fruit and also drinking fullcream milk smoothies mostly with a banana. Is this o.k, if I cut out he fruit juicing and smoothies I think I would be going hungry for most of the day as this seems to be what fills me up. I'm also eating about 3 eggs each day for breakfast.

With thanks Martyn

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on October 08, 2014
at 02:37 PM

Your triglycerides indicate that you consume a lot of carbohydrates. You have to reduce your carbohydrate consumption if you want to reduce your triglycerides, it's as simple as that.

1. Stop juicing: juice is sugar (carbohydrates) and water. It doesn't matter that it's fruit, it will increase your triglycerides just the same. Eat something else like a salad with chicken, steak or boiled eggs instead.

2. Stop drinking smoothies!!! Seriously this is the worst thing you could ever drink if you have high triglycerides! Milk will raise your cholesterol and triglycerides and adding a banana (sugar) to it will only make it worse, so stop it.

If you say that you can't stop drinking your juice and smoothies because this is what you are filling yourself up with, then that is a really bad excuse. There's a million ways to fill yourself up without consuming a pound of sugar like you are doing:

-Meat, very filling and no carbs or sugar.

-Salad or cooked vegetables with olive oil, very filling and almost no carbs or sugar.

-Unsweetened almond or coconut milk/cream. Nutritious with almost no carbs or sugar.

-Nuts, like macadamias, almonds, pecans and hazelnuts, very filling and very low carbs and sugar.

-Cheese, very filling with almost no carbs or sugar.

Your biggest problem is being inconsistent. You say you have cut out all carbohydrates but then go on to say that you drink juices and smoothies made with milk and sugary fruits like bananas. You can't have it both ways. 

Oh and by the way 3 eggs is at most only 210 calories so it's no surpise you're still hungry.

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on October 09, 2014
at 10:10 PM

That's a huge triglyceride number. Ask your doctor about gemfibrozil to knock it down.

Like gastronomer says, eat more meat and less liquid diet (juice and smoothies).



on October 09, 2014
at 11:18 PM

I'm surprised that the dr would have put the OP on a statin since LDL could not have been that high with that huge trig level.

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