What does this photo of primitive Peruvian tribe people tell us?

Asked on February 02, 2012
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(I am reposting this again. If a moderater is going to delete it again, please explain why) Few photos of this primitive Peruvean tribe exist but this one was taken by some people passing through in a boat of tribe members along the side of river. Most photos of this tribe are taken from the air. The tribe has only had contact with one nontribe member, whom they later killed, for reasons unknown. People of this tribe have been known to sometimes kill nontribe members in their area. This tribe has had little contact with outsiders, only that one guy, whom they later killed. No one speaks their language, but the guy they killed had spoken several similar dialects and so he was able to decipher some of it. For those who posted previously that this was not a legit photo of a primitive tribe with little contact, that was an incorrect assumption. Photos of this tribe are rare and this photo is much prized. Here is the photo again: http://s.njuice.com/thumb/77/isolated-peruvian-tribe-pictured_l.png My question was, what can we learn from this photo about primitive tribes and how they may have lived. One person previously commented that the one guy had really bad posture. Maybe we just assume that primitive tribes don't have bad posture? These people also have a bit of spare fat on them too. They would not pass for runway models. I posted this because it goes against a lot of assumptions I have at times heard in the paleo community about what is the natural state of healthy humans. And while I don't think this photo can actually answer such a question, I find it interesting. What assumptions might this photo throw into question?

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