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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 28, 2010 at 3:33 PM

I'm traveling alot these days in Europe, India, etc. I can get salads and add meat or select a good paleo meal from restaurants. What I need are good snack options and emergency meals when stuck on a plane or in an airport. I take jerky and almonds but when I'm gone for a week or more I run out and need to get better at avoiding sugars/breads when I get "stranded".

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on July 29, 2010
at 02:54 AM

-Sardines are cheap and come in easy open containers.
-Foil packets of other meats like salmon and tuna are also easy to carry.
-Oranges and tangerines are hardy travelers that tolerate temp changes well (assuming you don't have quarantine issues at the airport) -I like to take packets of ranch dressing and mayo that do not need refrigeration (more low carb than paleo but it works for me and is better than eating bread) -Real bacon bits in sealed glass jars often do not need refrigeration until after you open them so I buy small containers of those for travel. Bacon tastes good on almost everything. -Also, some summer sausages do not need refrigeration until after they are opened. Buy small ones and with a bit of cheddar cheese, you have a nice snack.

Some of these are not perfectly paleo but they are generally far better than pancakes and syrup!


on July 28, 2010
at 05:14 PM

I just came back from travelling for 7 days, and came across some things that helped me a bit. First off, get a big bag of nuts from a place you trust. Keep that in your backpack/bag/briefcase. Next, I'd suggest going to a store and buying about 10 lara bars, or better yet - make your own. Around these parts they are running around $.99 so I loaded up. Make sure to avoid the one larabar that happens to have peanuts in it! I did find some lara bars in the airport in houston, but they were $3.99!

On the plane, there isn't much you can eat that won't make you want to puke. Stick with water, and intermittently fast for this part (or if you can't handle it - larabars) - try sleeping. When they bring around beverages always ask for water with 'no ice' so you 1) get more and 2) dont' contaminate it with gross ice from who knows where? Don't eat those carrot nubs (they are bleached) that they hand out on the plane sometimes.

Inside an airport, well as I mentioned you can get the $3.99 lara bars. I found in Houston some brisket that looked ok, but when I looked at the price I figures screw it - I'll wait until land.

Another travel tip - I stayed in a hostel for the week. I am north of 35yrs old but there are many hostels that accept 'anyone' so keep that in mind if you are looking for a place to stay. I had my own room and bathroom - so could do my workouts as I wanted and have privacy (I brought a stretchy band). The added bonus of a hostel was - access to a kitchen and refrigerator for a very cheap price. I promptly went to the market upon arrival - and bought a giant stack of local uncured market bacon, a dozen farmers eggs, an onion celery, some sour cream, local salsa w/o sugar, avocado, sour cream, local blackberries, and a thing of arugula/romaine mixed local salads (I was in california so was good access to local produce).

Every morning I'd make a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, and salad while the hostel dwellers had to pick over their crappy free pancakes or if they were so bold - bowl of cereal. I had many jealous eyes, but it was worth it since I only had one less meal to forage for later in the day if I wanted.


on July 28, 2010
at 04:29 PM

I don't eat between meals, intermittent fasting is good for you

If you must

Macadamia nuts

99% cocoa bars

beef/meat jerky

boiled eggs

pork rinds fried in healthy oil

almond butter homemade primalbar

coconut milk/water/kefir

an avacado

celery/carrots other veggies( I like raw onion)


on May 28, 2011
at 09:23 PM

I don't really have an answer, but rather wholeheartedly echo your question. I find that when I travel (which I must, frequently, for work, and it's all outside of the US), I slip and slide and end up eating a sandwich at some point and such and, if I'm on the road for a long spell, it all tumbles downhill from there. This is a major issue for me.

I guess the only part of an answer I have is this: it is much easier when you make your own food - so if you have the opportunity to stay in a self-catered situation, that will help immensely. But, clearly, that's not always possible.



on July 28, 2010
at 07:02 PM

Fasting is definitely the way to go, especially on planes. I find it also helps because is can help you erase some holiday cheats. Jerky or other dried meat snacks, assuming they're not coated in sugar, are good snacks. You do have to be careful the destination country lets you carry meat products first though.

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