Travel trips me up! What do you think of going rogue during work travel?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM

Hey there -

I work at home full time and am normally in complete control of my meals but there are about 35 days a year I travel for work. I was thinking this year of just giving myself a buy on those days and eating whatever was given to me (everything is a group meal).

I think in the past I beat myself and jumped through hoops to find food and to no avail- and then that defeat would lead me further down the road to poor eating. Maybe being in the mental space of this is okay for ~9% of the year will relive the pressure? Or am I deluding myself!



on January 18, 2013
at 12:11 AM

Lawl! Lemme fix that for ya.



on January 17, 2013
at 11:38 PM

You're going to turn red when you travel?

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3 Answers



on January 18, 2013
at 06:49 AM

I traveled a lot in my last job. I gave in to the, oh well it's just a little cheat.

That did not work for me. I fell off the wagon hard. I would recommend bringing as many paleo snacks as you can, not avoiding the group meals but really making the best choices you can at the places you go. It's not easy to avoid the bad stuff but for me it's totally necessary if I'm hoping to feel good.

Plan ahead, don't stress too much about it, but don't give in to the temptations more than you have to to feed your body.


on January 18, 2013
at 02:28 AM

I travel 2-3 nights a week, every week, and I agree, it's hard.

I bring nuts with me to keep as snacks and raid the almonds from the minibar as necessary. Also, on the road I allow myself cheese and more dairy. While at home I try to eat only raw goat and sheeps cheese and no other forms of dairy, I'm more flexible on the road. I find that this little add helps tremendously to keep me from maintaining a diet that doesn't feel too damaging without feeling like a complete sacrifice.

I would find the one or two things that you're willing to allow, but only on the road. Maybe it's peanut butter, maybe it's dairy, maybe it's not grass-fed. I find with a bit of planning I'm managing to stay relatively on track.

Good luck and safe travels!


on January 17, 2013
at 11:15 PM

I think that mindset has a lot to do with the dedication to our way of eating. If you can be comfortable in saying 'I'll eat this today and that will be fine, I'll get back to normal [whenever you're home]' and hold to it, I think that it's better than to berate yourself for something that may not entirely be in your control.

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