Paleo in Australia?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 01, 2013 at 12:51 AM

Hey there! I am a german paleo girl and I'm going for a backpacking tour throught Australia (well, actually I just decided today because my inner voice told me not to study laws from the first day but first, to see the world and get some sun - next year I'll have enough time to study). Do you have any tips to stay paleo when traveling around and a) having a low budget and b) not carrying alot of equipment to cook with you? Ho do farmers etc. react if you live with them for a week or so, eat with them and say you're allergic to grains and dairy? Or is this a no-no in Australia to refuse food? Any other tips how to sruvive and have fun down under? :)

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on July 01, 2013
at 12:35 PM

Hostelling might be your best bet in this case. There are hostels in most of the major cities (probably the smaller ones as well, but I never made it to those) and they usually have kitchens with cooking implements and a large # of refridgerators to store food in. For eating Paleo on a budget, you won't be able to beat the asian markets in cities; I know at Sydney's Paddy's Market (open-air market near Chinatown) I could find incredibly cheap vegetables, fruits and eggs (I've never again had eggs with such rich orange yolks; I still miss them :( ); for pastured animals, you can always find a farmer's market, or there are some national brands that sell organic, grass-fed beef and pastured chickens/pork. Dunno how stringent they are about that though. And obviously if you go to any of the coastal cities, fresh fish from the fish market is definitely the way to go; they'll bring in new catches every day, from right off the coast.

In general, I think if you explain to people that you're gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant, they should be fine with it. Australia and NZ are well ahead of the curve in terms of awareness about gluten-free foods; if you're still super-sensitive to stuff like rice, just tell them you've had cross-contaminated rice before ;) But in the end, unless it's going to really take you apart over the next few days, it's worth it to have a cheat meal and experience the local culture and be able to share that experience with your fellow travelers, so don't get too hung up on staying "strict" Paleo (unless you've got health issues associated with it, in which case stay healthy! Being sick while traveling is no fun.)

Enjoy your trip! I loved Australia while I was there; if you get a chance, take a trip out to NZ. If you're at all into outdoor activities, you'll find everything you'd ever want there. The two hiking trips I did while I was there are still the highlight of my travels :)



on July 01, 2013
at 01:53 AM

The food in the major cities is generally very good, although you might struggle out in the small country towns unless they have a foody culture. I recommend going to the Meetup site and joining the Paleo groups around the country as you travel; they will be a very good source of information about where to eat and shop. For example, the Melbourne Paleo meetup is large and active.

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