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Answered on June 12, 2014
Created June 11, 2014 at 2:01 PM

been paleo for two and a half years, was perfect for the first year which i attribute to just graduating college and having lots of free time and energy. However once i started working things started to get rough. I work as a case manager for johns hopkins so the structure of my day is never consistent(could be driving all day, in the office doing paperwork, visiting someone at an ER, etc.)i was wondering what are good options and tips for staying paleo while working in general and/or with a job that puts you in the community? paleo(ish) options for fast food chains would be very beneficial. i'm in baltimore md and also don't make too much money being a service worker, which limits my options a bit.

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on June 12, 2014
at 03:37 AM

If you do go out, Cobb salad with oil/vinegar or omelet with tomato on the side are good choices. Don't get confused between Ancestral, Primal and Paleo. People talk about them as if they're the same, but they're preferences on a range of options. You should find out which of these you're comfortable with so you can set goals. You can track progress with a nutrition tracker and at first, just keep track so you can adjust later. This isn't going to be perfect from day one. It will take practice, so don't worry about it too much at first. Just keep some kind of record and keep refining it to your liking.

Nutrition trackers:





Some of these are more useful than others so getting a printed book with nutrition info on hundreds of thousands of foods might be easier for some people. Once you memorize your typical foods or meals, you can just write them in a notebook or in an app much more quickly that way. Depends how much you want to rely on the accuracy of your memory.

Use one of these to track and then plan your diet based on what you find nearby and what you decide is easy for you to make given your schedule.



on June 12, 2014
at 01:26 AM

I would suggest a small cooler and a thermos to brown bag your lunch. That way you can take your lunch with you when you're on the road, eat a quick bite between clients, etc. It's hard (and more expensive!) to eat out. At home, the crockpot is your friend. You can set something to cook in the morning and come home to a hot, cooked, meal when you are too tired to cook. Make enough for lunch the next day. Spend some time prepping veggies and meat for the week, so you just have to throw stuff together in the evenings after you've had a chance to relax a bit. I fill the crock pot liner (I now use an electric pressure cooker which is even better, but costs a bit) and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning I just put it in the device, plug it in and turn it on.

You might really find some good ideas in the books Well Fed and Well Fed II. There are master recipes you can prep on the weekends to assemble quickly during your busy work weeks.

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