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Answered on October 04, 2012
Created October 03, 2012 at 9:58 PM

Hi. I am just starting on my Paleo journey (one week) and seeing great results. Besides loosing 7lbs, my insomnia is gone as are my food cravings. I have enegry again and wake up ready to tackle the day. Those things alone make me feel like how did I ever not live life like this.

My question is I am going overseas to South Africa for six months next year to volunteer. Has anyone experienced spending a long amount of time in another country and if so how did you deal with eating Paleo there? I will have my own place and car so can shop for myself. I don't think finding locally sourced veggies will be an issue but I wonder about grass feed beef vs corn feed. I guess I need to do a little internet research but I thought I would start here.


I will be in Capetown so not rural at all.



on October 04, 2012
at 02:25 AM

Biltong - south african beef jerky is amazing. It must be paleo friendly country :)

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on October 04, 2012
at 06:14 AM

Your first move should be to research South Africa and find out what's available beforehand. Check out forums about living in South Africa, online articles about the food industry in South Africa, etc.

I recently moved to Turkey, where I'll be living for a year Teaching English. I brought a few things along with me: coconut oil, sea salt and some supplements. The coconut oil has been a life-saver, as it's been impossible to find healthy animal fats while in Turkey. All of the beef and lamb in Turkey is corn-fed; there's no grass-fed meat.

As such, I've had to adjust my diet from what I ate in the states. My main protein sources are chicken and fish (mostly wild-caught sardines), along with some squid, and a few different types of farmed fish. Every now and then I'll splurge and buy some ground beef (which costs upwards of 30 Lira per kilo, about $7.50 per pound), but, for the most part, I stick to lean meats cooked in healthy oils.

I also find myself eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, as farmer markets are all over the city, and are absolutely humongous. Fruits and vegetables are cheap, healthy, and easy to incorporate in every type of meal.

Once you get to South Africa it may take quite a bit of legwork to find the best places to source your food. Take a walk around your neighborhood (if you're living in a big city) and become familiarized with the different markets, grocery stores, butchers, etc. In South Africa, you'll have the additional advantage of everyone speaking your language, making it easy to find out how your meat was raised and where it came from.

Hopefully this helps a bit! Have fun volunteering abroad!



on October 03, 2012
at 11:51 PM

Will you be near a big city or out in more rural areas?

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