Eating Paleo in Malta

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 07, 2012 at 4:41 PM

My husband and I may be moving to Malta and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about what is available. I've heard that much like Hawaii their native diet has been largely replaced by cheap grains, canned foods, and other easily importable stuff.

I'm thinking I may have to eat a more pescetarian/dairy based diet if I want to stick with wild/grassfed proteins. Has anyone here ever vacationed there? How hard was it to get organic (or organic practices) produce? Does anyone know if outdoor chickens are common? I'll be so sad if I can't get good eggs anymore.



on June 07, 2012
at 05:11 PM

My dad's family is from Malta (and, funnily, my mom lived in Hawaii), but haven't been back in 20 years! My dad remembers lots and lots of chicken/chicken eggs. Fish twice a week. I'd be interested in seeing the answers here and reporting back the changes to him!

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on June 07, 2012
at 05:10 PM


First of all, it is very safe. A single girl can walk around the city in the middle of the night and still be safe. They are all Catholics and they are very very devout. Second of all, Maltese guys are HOT. And they are SO NICE!!! They are like the nicest people on this planet. I know you are married, but... just for your information.

As for the food - it is fabulous, but you watch out for rabbit starvation :) They LOVE rabbit meat (with red wine sauce).

There are plenty of fruit and vegetables, not sure if it is organic or not, but good quality. Actually, it is a bread country. They LOVE THEIR BREAD. The quality of their bread is excellent, but nothing to die for if you want to stay Paleo. The cuisine is a mixture of Italian, Arabic and rabbit. It is a very small island, so there are not a lot of places for herds of cows - only rabbits, chicken and fish (it is an island). Of course, there is beef too, but I think it is going to be more expensive.

You can get very very good food there - much better than in the States. And you can still be Paleo. Don't worry :)


on July 15, 2013
at 11:24 AM

I've been living in Malta for 2.5 years now and following the paleo diet for the last few months. Malta has brilliant fruit and veg. Ripe, fresh, inexpensive, varied and available all year round. Even better is the local fish, especially wild. Many species are very inexpensive and easily available. Naturally sourced eggs are more difficult to find unfortunately and imported from Italy. As for meat, my butcher offered to import some grass fed one from abroad, but that would end up costing me more than the finest local wild fish. Nuts and olive oil are easily available in shops, coconut oil in health food stores. Overall, it's an excellent place for the paleo diet provided you like fish and don't eat too much meat.


on May 02, 2013
at 12:30 PM

Hi Aughra, I'm actually from Malta and I've started to eat more of a Paleo diet recenetly. I realise this post has been here for quite some time now.. I was just wondering, how did you do on the diet in Malta?

VB... I love how you you managed to sneak in "Maltese guys are HOT" into the conversation.. lol

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