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Answered on December 14, 2014
Created August 05, 2014 at 9:35 PM

Anyone in the Czech republic following a paleo lifestyle ? If so how have you found the transition ? Im from England but will be moving to Prague or Pilzen, to study at Charles university. I love the changes to body and mind that going paleo has produced , any tips on where to shop and what products to look for?

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on December 14, 2014
at 02:42 PM


I am a Belgian, trying to be full primal. 

For primal/paleo CZ is a bit a double sided medal... 

On the bright side: They love meaty dishes and have loads to offer.

On he less bright side: They love also grain, potatoes and all related to that as well as a side dish :)

I like it that in most restaurants you can order your priloha (side dish) seperatly and most often they have someting like grilled vegetables right next to all potato and/or grain bases side dishes. Although I was never allowed to check how they prepared the meal (baked in oil vs butter, is meat grass fed or not, do they add sugar or flour in the sauce etc...), it is already a good thing that you are not obliged to take half a plate of potatoes with your portion of meat.


Big cities tend to have some Bio shops where you often can find stuff like ghee, alternatives to flour (almond flour for example), Kuzu (for binding sauce), and others. The meat I have,... I just get at the butcher here (Live in smaller city) didn't find any dedicated bio-grass-fed butcher as of yet. But I think in Brno there was at least one, so my guess would be that Prague should have one for sure!

I live quite far from Prague, so it is not probable that I would meet you there (let alone in Plzen), but if you ever plan to visit Znojmo,... the most primal thing in my neighbourhood is the nature :) Just love to head out for a hike here, so let me know if you pass by and want to join.



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