Are you in a paleo comfort zone now?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 06, 2011 at 2:42 AM

If the answer is yes are you worried about that at all? Some may find comfort in a comfort zone because things just seem to be going perfect for now. For others a comfort zone may allow us to the time to pit stop for a time and enter a rut or a stall.

For me, motivation to transform is most intense when our surrounding environment is constantly applying a pressure to change. It might be a newly diagnosed disease, or a disturbing lab value, a gradual steady increase in our weight, or a knee injury that derails our HIIT.

I think introducing constant changes and challenges is a must in any successful lifestyle change.

So PaleoHackers have you entered a Paleo comfort zone and is it a good or a bad thing in your current lifestyle?



on July 06, 2011
at 05:28 AM

PS I don't see "comfort zone" as complacency. I see "comfort zones" as places/states of mind in which to recharge and regain control.

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6 Answers


on July 06, 2011
at 02:50 AM

I am not in a "paleo" comfort zone, but I am in a personal comfort zone. I have really learned to trust myself and not obsess as much about food and fitness.

While I was actively losing weight it was important to constantly come up with new challenges to keep myself interested. Now that I have entered maintenance, I am enjoying not having to constantly push myself.

I know I can occasionally take a break from a strict food regimen or exercise and not feel like I will wake up obese again.

eta: I am enjoying being comfortable, but that doesn't mean that I stop learning and researching and self experimenting. It's more about my personal comfort zone with being afraid that I will go back to how I was and trusting myself not to.



on July 06, 2011
at 04:04 AM

I take 'paleo comfort zone' to mean that we don't have to worry about figuring out what to eat, whether or not something is 'paleo', have long ago stopped missing 'bread', and don't crave neolithic foods...

In that case I'm loving my paleo comfort zone.

I probably have lost some sympathy for people who think they can't eat this way or 'just can't give up bread' ;)

I suppose it's being comfortable with this lifestyle and not seeing it as a 'diet'



on July 06, 2011
at 04:04 AM

I try to fabricate a "comfort zone" every day so that I can adapt to the pressures and stresses I choose to impose on myself rather than reacting to all of the uncontrollable pressures of modern living.

For example, I pack lunches and snacks for me and my kids when I am going to be out of the house for the majority of the day so that I don't have to stress about where to eat, or complain about all the crappy food available at convenience stores.

Or, I work to find humor in every interaction, including being pulled over by a state trooper or wacky lab results, so that I can be free to allocate my energy toward "next steps" rather than wasting it stressing out.

Living in my self imposed comfort zone (okay - fairy land) allows me to conserve my energy for bigger and better things.



on July 06, 2011
at 05:28 AM

PS I don't see "comfort zone" as complacency. I see "comfort zones" as places/states of mind in which to recharge and regain control.



on July 06, 2011
at 05:24 AM

No such thing as a comfort zone, Life continues forward and we are either along for the ride or we choose not to participate. The more enlightened we become the more we realize how much more there is. More of a punctuated equilibrium way of moving forward. If we stop and stay in a comfort zone we cease to move forward and cease to question and to redefine our view, we cease to live and just exist then - this is part of how things in the western world have got to such a dismal state of affairs.



on July 06, 2011
at 04:39 AM

Right now... yes. It sorta does seem like I'm in a comfort zone with my eating program. Although, I do want to tighten up what I eat for lunch daily. I give myself about a 7 out of 10 for that. I want to get to at least 8 or 9. I already know what to do. I just need to plan ahead better. Excuses get me nowhere.

Sometimes comfort zones can be a good thing, but there will be times ahead for more change. It's inevitable. I expect it. I invite it.



on July 06, 2011
at 01:52 PM

Actually I feel as though I have been there for a month or so now, having reached my goals and relaxing a bit more with the 'diet'.

I don't fuss nearly as much about calories, but I do keep one eye on them. I'm getting better at guaging my intake in general.

Its nice to know I can eat well and live well and feel better, although I'm not 100% out of the woods with intestional imflamation, there are some positive changes for the better that make me believe I can heal myself.

So, yes, I'm in the 'zone'

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