Is food from Italy safe?

Commented on July 21, 2011
Created July 04, 2011 at 9:05 AM

Italy is known for good foods. Parma bacon, cheeses, tomatos and good food. Even one blue zone is in italy, where people live very long. They eat chickpeas and live healthy and work for their food by their hand. On other parts they just dump garbage everywhere, this get in the soil and this get in the food chain. Cows eat the grass and they get the pollutant from the garbage. So it occured that the famous buffelo mozzerella which is mad from raw milk has toxins in it. They indicate to the trash affair of Italia. Where they dump the trash just on public places over weeks and the toxins get in the soil.

After the revolt in north africa a lot people escape to italian island lampedusa and italy welcome more or less this people. The land get a bit overcrowded.

Its not on the foreign affair policies. Its more on how safe are foods from italy. Also their is one water sold in healthfood stores which is very tasty, its from italian mountain.

Maybe its just like everywhere. Their is healthy places which are environmetal paradises. And their are places which are mainly polluted. The same is In north norway at the border to russia. In the russian barent sea there are nuclear waste dumped so it affects the area around. And the norwegian are worried about this.

Maybe its good to make a environmental group run by paleo people. Cause people who wanna consume healthy food are engaged to do something for it!



on July 21, 2011
at 02:47 PM

Hi harry, maybe this is the answer. that everywhere is a mixture of pollution and clean land. Still i think what happened in italy with the garbage is unique. i dont realy know if this could happend in california as well. It was the goverment who dumped the garbage on the streets. the toxins get in the water and the cows ate the grass. and so on the rawdiary buffolo mozzerella was contaminated.



on July 04, 2011
at 02:44 PM

Here in California, we have areas with high concentrations of organic farms. We also have fairly good environmental laws. But we also have areas, especially in the San Joaquin Valley, where agribusiness has totally urinated on the environment.



on July 04, 2011
at 10:41 AM

exactly - every part of the world has its toxic waste dumps and its pristine soil perfect for following Dr. Art Ayers' advice to eat minimally washed produce.

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