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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 09, 2012 at 11:54 AM

My diet currently consists of mainly eggs, meat, and fish for protein and fat... carbs from sweet potato, pumpkin, and squashes... I also drink bone broth everyday.

Although this diet gives me incredible energy, I have had problems with constipation and think it's on account of the lack of vegetables and fiber. Perhaps it is just my body adapting to a ketogenic diet and eating only 2 meals per day. I used to take the time to eat massive salads but I just don't have the desire to do that anymore and was considering a green powder supplement instead for the added fiber and micro-nutrients.

I still have half a container of this Boku Super Food powder from my days as a vegetarian (gasp!). I was also more regular when taking this, so do you think it is a valuable replacement for eating greens like spinach and broccoli? Or on the flip side, do you think it is probably loaded with toxic anti-nutrients since it is 90$ raw and I might be doing more harm than good? In this case, might it be useful to brew it in a tea to heat it up and rid some of the toxins?

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

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4 Answers



on December 16, 2012
at 12:44 PM

The only real superfood I bother with is liver. From grassfed animals. 2nd choice is pastured egg yolks. Kale and broccoli come in 3rd place.

Not sure what's in this Boku powder, but it's not food, but rather a processed product. I'm not against using supplements, but if I can get it from food, that's where I'll go first.


on November 17, 2012
at 08:35 PM

It sounds like your body is adapting to what you're eating. Sweet potatoes, and other starches actually help with constipation, as they are packed with soluble fibre; leafy greens, spinach, broccoli etc all contain insoluble fibre, which is hell on your gut if it's not a happy gut in the first place.

How low carb are you? Keto folks don't generally eat sweet potatoes or squash.


on October 20, 2012
at 09:53 AM

Keep drinking it and don't worry about it. Does it make you feel good? Did you die or get sick when you drank it as a vegetarian? If you answered yes and no respectively then you already have your answer.

If you answered no to the second question you should test again, now that the rest of your diet is squared away, to confirm that it was, indeed, the Boku and not some other issue that make you sick last time.

For the record I drink Bokusuperfood on a daily basis - 4 scoops - as a supplement to my rather meagre love of whole vegetables. I feel great on it.


on October 09, 2012
at 02:05 PM

I have found that without a regular supply of fermented food, I have difficulty passing solid food. I now eat a lot of kimchi, fermented beets, kombucha, or in a pinch Bragg's vinegar poured over something at the start of a meal or even a tsp or two in some water. I had fantastic results with kefir milk as well. If you're a non-dairy person, kefir crystals can be found on amazon cheaply and are fermented in water. It has made a night and day difference in my world.

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