Are "toxic" beauty products really not as toxic as we're led to believe?

Commented on March 21, 2013
Created March 20, 2013 at 1:29 PM

My favorite show on TV right now is called My Strange Addiction. Screwed up people on the show eat all manners of stuff that nobody should eat like: nail polish, deodorant and plastic cocktail swords.

One would think that eating a stick of deodorant a day would be enough to cause some very noticeable side effects, but apparently not: http://www.watchseriesus.com/2013/02/my-strange-addiction-season-4-episode-5.html

How toxic can these products possibly be if the most direct method of ingesting them is applied and orally "digested" rather than applied topically? This show has led me to believe that they're not very toxic at all.

The best part: it's SCD-approved! No pesky polysaccharides in this deodorant.



on March 21, 2013
at 12:03 AM

Just saying, plenty of people do things that are bad for them for years (smoking, eating crap), and don't necessarily have any outward symptoms. Just because these people haven't grown extra limbs or visible tumours doesn't mean they're not inviting damage down the road.



on March 20, 2013
at 02:02 PM

Interesting question Roth, i was thinking the same thing last week, except the woman had been eating glass cleaner! ..I stopped using chemicals & now clean my bathroom etc withe white vinegar & bicarb. Yet this woman eats glass cleaner off her finger & has been doing for 30 years!

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