So just how paleo are you? Castrate your dinner with your TEETH?

Commented on December 09, 2011
Created December 09, 2011 at 7:16 AM

Castrating lambs with your teeth may make you sick....


OK! Here's a "how to" for all you light-weights who are aspiring to be really, really, paleo!


We have Rose to thank for the visual special....She's been really paleo for a looooong time! ;)

I've warned Meredith off of doing this, but she's REALLY, REALLY, PALEO!!!!


on December 09, 2011
at 04:36 PM

@air hadoken: It could be challenging asking 1500 or so lambs if they've been having diarrhea lately...as this isn't always obvious by a long shot...Heh...you might get a little surprise on your face/head while, um, getting the job done...but then, perhaps that is part of the thrill...


on December 09, 2011
at 12:04 PM

Yeah everyone knows you gotta disinfect those badboys first, otherwise it'd just be gross.



on December 09, 2011
at 07:27 AM

Don't castrate lambs with your teeth if they've had diarrhea recently, I think is the lesson here. It seemed like common sense to me.

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