Should one be more careful if one had his tonsils removed as a kid ?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 05, 2013 at 1:39 PM

What should one eat / avoid, supplement if tonsils were removed ?

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2 Answers


on March 05, 2013
at 07:52 PM

I take a lung tonic from herbdoc.com for ten days of each month. I combine it with supertonic and echinacea+ that is also from the herb doc. That is a preventative method, taken two or three times a day for the ten days. If I am sick, I use the same products and up the doses. I hope this helps. I also had mine taken out. :(



on March 05, 2013
at 02:15 PM

If you had a Tonsillectomy, you only removed one of the tonsils (Palatine tonsils). There is an increased risk of airborne and saliva based diseases, but it is a very small increase. If you also had a adenoidectomy (which is common) then your risk of catching diseases increases even more.

If your tonsils are working properly they can prevent a virus from getting to your chest (hence a sore throat).

As to whether you should avoid foods or supplement -- I did a quick literature research and didn't find anything legit. To me that makes sense.

Tonsils primarily prevent diseases airborne and saliva diseases from hitting your chest. So other than e.Coli (and everyone should avoid foods tainted with e.Coli) not much you can do from a food perspective. As for supplements, since most of these diseases attack the chest (and not the gut) there's not much you can do to supplement.

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