Has anyone "reversed" their shrimp allergy?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 22, 2013 at 6:56 PM

I seem to be developing a shrimp allergy :(

I'm hopeful that this can be fixed as I LOVE what eating whole shrimp has done for my hair and nails - plus they are delicious little buggers.

Could this slight swelling of my tongue within minutes of eating shrimp be a sign of other nutritional issues? Or should I consider moving on...?

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2 Answers


on January 23, 2013
at 01:39 AM

Please be very careful, it sounds as though you may be starting down the road to an anaphylactic reaction. In a more severe case your throat can swell shut, making it hard to breathe.

For many people, each time they subject themselves to an allergen, the reaction becomes stronger.

Here is an article that will help explain:




on January 22, 2013
at 11:45 PM

While I don't eat any seafood, (can't stand the taste of it! blech!) I've had some success following a GAPs style diet for my dairy intolerance. As far as I can tell, I no longer react to any dairy products. It never cured my beef allergy, (still break out in hives when I eat it. Very sad.) but life is much better with dairy products.

Give it a shot. It's really difficult and restrictive for a while, but it gets easier with time.

Of course, if your allergy causes your tongue to swell, it may not be worth the potentially life-threatening experimentation. Judge for yourself.

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