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Asked on August 16, 2014
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How to manage spinal disc injury are hard to get motivated to give back you doubt is saying you're out lack of exercise that the mind lose focus also be a solid ATI steal military alone little mandatory all our eyes to products thank you thank you based on its a cure-all made his with mules as Gmax much as mine scheming in terms of bomb how to manage a spine and disc injury sounds very serious honestly don't have an answer for you because I've never dealt with an injury like that on and if your doctor saying you're out I'll probably stick with what you doctor shares and just get back o.k.???s and come back strong when you???re all rested up an and healed you don't want to up cheap compound injury making it worse and worse okay on how important rested rest is very important dress is just as important as you training you know and sometimes honestly like lately I haven't been getting as much rest as Ian accustomed to getting and as much as I need to get is because I???m so busy ally and I have a lot on my mind all the time so sort of lay down at the squire action except banking so like so much into your to kind of like sense my mind fall asleep but dress is very.


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