Nutrition tips for muay thai fighters

Asked on September 10, 2015
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I just wonder if anyone of you is doing martial arts while being paleo(ish). I train every day except Fridays and Sundays, but I'm still doing some light conditioning on my days off. My MT workouts are anywhere between one and three hours in a row. I've been paleo for the past 4 years, however, being very low carb for most of it destroyed my athletic performance. That's why I'm experimenting with upping my carbs now. I added fruits, sweet potatoes and even rice and I stopped being carbophobic. However, now and then I'm having very strong cravings for nuts/coconut butter or other fats and if I give in, I'm most likely to overeat them so I'm trying to go completely nut free. I don't eat dairy, except for butter and occassionally good quality cheese, usually deta or organic cheddar. Considering my lifelong history of eating disorders, I'm not tracking my calories/macrros-micros and try not to restrict myslef to a boring meal plan but it usually goes something like this:

*if I train in the morning:
I'll have a smoothie with coconut milk, some fruit and BCAAs + coffee or just coffee (depending on how hungry I feel, how much time I have left)
then after training I'm going to have some form of protien (most likely eggs or turkey) with some carbs (plaintain, rice, sweet potato or a fruit) and some veg
then I'll have a dinner consisiting of protein and veg, sometimes extra carbs if I feel like
if I feel like I need something else I'm going to have a spoon of nut butter/coconut butter, but it's never just a spoon... so I'm trying not to do this!

*if I go to afternoon/evening sessions
breakfast is 3 eggs + some shrooms/veg or 2 duck eggs and two slices of plaintain bread (made of plantains and eggs only) with butter
lunch turkey/beef, veggies, sweet potato/rice, avocado/butter/coconut oil
then a fruit, fruit smoothie or coffee pre-workout
and a post-workout dinner some protein (fish/beef/turkey/eggs) with veg

One thing that is worth noting is that I feel more and more like I'm not able to digest vegetables well and they slow me down and make me less efficient during my workouts. I love veggies but I prefer feeling not bloated or bombing other people working out with smelly farts... What veg would you recommend that is easier on digestion but still provides good nutritrients? What do you think about adding rice in my diet? Any supplements worth considering? I'm open to any tips and will be extremely greatful for your advice! :)

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