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I am interested in reclaiming my health and feel paleo may be the way to go. What would be the most effective first step be for me? I work irregular hours so for starters, consistant sleep is an issue for me.


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on July 15, 2015
at 12:49 AM

If you do a search on NomNomPaleo.com blog you will find some useful tips for people who work night shifts.  Blogger Michelle Tam worked night shifts as a hospital pharmacist (she calls herself a "pill pusher").  She did it for many years but recently quit because she realized that despite all of her precautions it was taking a toll on her health.  But her suggestions are helpful if you have no choice because of your line of work.


Beyond that, planning for success is key.  That means deciding how you want to approach the "paleo template" (there is no one universally accepted paleo lifestyle--there are many variations.  You will need to decide what works best for you, and recognize that may evolve over time).  For example you have to decide if you are going to eat dairy or not (often that is called "primal" instead of paleo), whether you can afford the time and money to source grass fed meat, wild caught fish, pastured eggs and dairy, organic veggies or not (you can choose one thing to focus on at first if you can't do it all), and then you need to have sufficient food to get through the difficult transition time.  Find recipes you think you can 1) realistically make and 2) will like to eat, plan a menu, shop for the ingredients you will need (don't forget plenty of convenience snacks--canned tuna, jerky, hard boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, etc).  Stop buying processed foods so that they simply aren't around.  Choose a starting date and go for it.

Other people find baby steps are better.  One suggestion is to try one meal at a time.  Start with Paleo breakfasts (bye bye cereal and bagels!), then add a Paleo lunch after a few days or a week, then finally a Paleo dinner every day.  Viola!  You're paleo! 

When you are adjusting to a new way of eating you may have some withdrawal from the high sugar, high processed food SAD diet so go easy on yourself.  Wait until you're body has had a chance to adjust to add a vigorous exercise program or plan a difficult or challenging activity.  Once you are acclimated you can add to the degree of challenge in your day. 



on July 15, 2015
at 12:59 AM

Thank you so much for the information. 



on July 15, 2015
at 05:04 PM

Thanks Janknitz. I had found some really good recipes on her blog, missed the night shift work stuff though. Will definitely check what she has to say about it!

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