Any advice/recommendations for a paleo teen?

Commented on August 08, 2015
Created August 05, 2015 at 11:07 PM

I'm 14 years old and just starting paleo after realizing it was best for me. I still have a few doubts about the diet though. I don't want to lose weight. I want to have a clean healthy diet after junk food and eating disorders ruined my health. If anyone can share their advice/experience with me I'd be thankful. If you think this diet is not right for me then please tell me as well. I'm still quite a bit hesitant about it. 

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on August 08, 2015
at 02:23 PM

The paleo diet will certainly make you loose weight so it may not be ideal for you (as you dont want to loose anymore weight),,as it cuts most most carbohydrates you may feel like you have less energy (which is not ideal for a 14 year old ,, when you say eating disorder i presume you mean anorexia or bulimia (that you have had in the past) , but the basis of all eating disorders is with the time spent obsessing about food etc and if you follow this diet strictly you will most likely still be obsessing about food (which isnt healthy and you are probably prone to doing it right?) ,anorexia/bulimia arent the only eating disorders,,,,with this diet you will most likely be prone to 'orthorexia' ,,,,,anyway im telling you this because i feel like ive been in your position before only im a few years ahead of you ,,,,my best advice to you would be that if you could take all your focus about food etc and turn that focus onto your mental health then you will be a healthier happier person (which is the end goal right? ) i think a balanced diet would be best for you!! all the best!!!



on August 08, 2015
at 02:46 PM

I've been Paleo for about a year, and I eat lots of carbs: fruit, sweet potatoes and other roots (except potatoes). I lost a lot of weight the 1st month, but was able to gain it back the 2nd month. It helped my health (allergies, gut problems, etc), but not until the 4th or 5th month.

It's a huge time investment - I spend 15 hours a week cooking! If you like cooking as a hobby, maybe it's a good choice. If not there are a lot of easier ways to eat healthy. In fact, if you take cooking classes you'll automatically start eating healthier.

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