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Asked on March 09, 2015
Created February 20, 2015 at 6:39 PM

I've been very stressed as I'm going through a divorce now and raising a one year old and three year old by myself (my ex is overseas for 2 years) along with other financial problems now falling on me.i

I haven't been paleo in a while and have been doing more of a bodybuilding style diet like IIFYM. Im normal weight and i workout regulary doing powerlifting style workouts. In December I felt a lump sensation in my throat I was also on a pretty extreme cut for weight loss and also had weaned my daughter (not sure if these things contributed) I waited till now to finally see my doctor. She did blood work again and ordered an ultrasound. She told me today I have a single nodule. As well i have elevated thyroid antibodis but all my TSH,T3 and T4 are normal. She wants me to get a biopsy. Im really scared and imt rying so hard not to stress but with this on top of everything else I just feel like im going to have a total breakdown. Has anyone had any experience with this? Or any hope they can give me? Or suggestions for natural cures I'm very holistic and I'm afriad of what the doctors will throw at me. Thanks and blessings 


on February 23, 2015
at 03:54 PM

I have had problems with my thyroid since 1974.  About eight years ago, I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and they discovered that I had five nodules on it.  They then did a biopsy which the results were inconclusive, so, they watched my thyroid for six years.  The nodules stayed, didn't grow and nothing changed with them.  However, every year, I had to have the ultrasound, the biopsies with the same inconclusive diagnosis until I finally said enough and asked to have a thyroidectomy.  Once i had it removed they were able to verify that the nodules were benigh.  I constantly worried as the inconclusive diagnosis wasn't very comforting.  I would go ahead and have the biopsy.  It isn't a big deal to have it done.  That way, you will get some answers.  Just my two cents....

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