Hack my amenorrhea! (AGAIN!)

Commented on May 15, 2013
Created May 15, 2013 at 6:44 PM

So, I am now experiencing secondary amenorrhea for the 3rd time in my life!

  • 1st time was when I was 17 and went from 110 to 90 pounds in quite a short space of time. Periods returned when I gained back the weight. Amenorrhea for about 5 months.

  • 2nd time was when I was 22 on VLC paleo and low calorie diet. Amenorrhea for 14 months, return of periods following additional of 5lbs, 300cals and 30-40g of extra carbs a day

  • 3rd time is a little different. I had insane relationship stress and drama plus work and financial stress. I broke my nose 6 weeks ago and have been recovering from that.

I recognised the signs before I skipped my period; I know my body. I felt no ovulation and no PMT, no sex drive, and I knew immediately I wouldn't be having a period! I have made a lot of changes to reduce as much as possible the things that were causing me so much stress and upset. I'm having CBT. I've lost a little weight (3-4lbs) but this was after I didn't ovulate. I'm not on VLC

Now if I was single I honestly couldn't give a damn if I felt sexy or not, but when you're trying to fix a relationship, having low libido doesn't exactly help matters.

  • I'm 24, 5'1", about 115lbs
  • I eat fish, chicken, lamb, eggs as my main meats. A little pork and beef.
  • I eat berries, stone fruits and root veggies for my carbs. Probably 60-80g crabs a day
  • I do eat some dairy - heavy cream, goat yoghurt and hallumi cheese
  • I've not been to the gym since breaking the nose, but I do walk my dog for 1hr every day. Plan to return to the gym this next week. Heavy compound weights


  • should I drop dairy? It has quite a lot of estrogen in it. Could it be disruptive to my cycle?
  • are their any foods I should consider adding? Any trace minerals?
  • I am going to get a blood test. I definitely want to get free T3, reverse T3 and T4 tested but what other specific tests should I get to check my hormones and adrenal function?
  • if it's a thyroid issue rather than stress, what can I do, given that I'm not VLC, and not underweight by any means?



on May 15, 2013
at 10:51 PM

If you've only missed one period I'd wait to make major changes. Everyone misses a period occasionally because of stress and other things going on. Anything you can do for stress relief is good, eat well, and take a pregnancy test JUST IN CASE.

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