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Commented on October 22, 2014
Created October 16, 2014 at 10:25 PM

What is the optimal amount of IGF-1 for a 46yr old female?

Also, I noticed that my TSH has been increasing over the years, from .5, to .7 and now 1.3 Plus, I had my Thyroglobulin tested and it was 1.4 (range is 0-.9) I've been Paleo for 5 years.  LH was .1 and FSH .7

What does this all mean? Hypo-pituitarism? Would going on the autoimmune Paleo protocol help?


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on October 22, 2014
at 02:40 AM

Hi there! I would be happy to help from a naturopathic doctor perspective.

Optimal IGF1 is 117-330 ng/mL. Optimal TSH is 0.5-2.5 mlU/L. What is the units of your test? Your level looks like it is coming into a more normal range if it is mlU/L.

However, in order to get a complete view of the thyroid you need to test: TSH, T4, T3 uptake, FTI, T3, Free T3, reverse T3, free T4, TPO antibodies, anti-thyroblobulin antibodies, and PTH.

LH and FSH levels- need to know status of menopause and timing of blood test to cycle to determine what these levels tell us. 


on October 22, 2014
at 04:46 PM

My TSH is 1.32, FreeT3 = 2.4, Free T4 = .91  IGF-1 is 87

THey didn't run TPO this time, but in July TPO was normal, reverseT3 was 8.8, SHBG was 139

I was on birth control pills for 13 years and when I went off the pill 15 years ago, I never resumed a cycle ever again. I had injectible drugs to get pregnant twice. So, I guess I've been in menaupause a very long time. However, I just started the Wiley protocol this month.


on October 16, 2014
at 10:45 PM

When it comes to IGF-1 the lower the better, if you are mainly focused on health. Low IGF-1 levels promote longevity by inhibiting ageing and inhibiting cancer growth.

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