Thyroid Test Results are confusing my doctors and me - Can you figure the out?!

Asked on August 24, 2014
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I have been Paleo for 3 years. I'm fairly strict/borderline autoimmune Paleo - no dairy, nightshades, caffeine, etc, though I do eat eggs without any apparent problems. Paleo has been wonderful for me. It has taken away all of my chronic pain including chronic allergies and sinus problems, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, joint pain, migraines, 'common' headaches, anemia, occasional fatigue, etc. The only persistent issues after going Paleo are acne (no, i don't consume dairy) and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity which I believe is based in anxiety) - and persistent hair loss - which is the reason I take so much Biotin - if I stop taking the Biotin (see below) my hair begins falling out again. It does it every time i'm on a low-ish carb diet plan, but I have to be - I used to have blood sugar dysregulation issues (my entire family are Type 2 diabetics and i have the genes for that big-time, even have a glucometer to confirm). As far as food goes, I am fortunate enough to eat a mostly organic, high quality diet consisting of saturated fat, animal protein, veggies, fruit, some nuts, 85% dark chocolate (hey, a girl's gotta have one vice!), very little in the way of sugar (honey on occasion). I was recently on a trip to my husband's country and stayed with family who didn't really understand grain-free living, so.. I did eat some gluten-free grains while I was there - buckwheat bread, polenta, GF oat bread, etc. His family was sweet enough to learn how to and bake these wonderful foodstuffs for me, but they were still grain - but they were stuck on the "gluten-free" wordage. *sigh* :) I am grateful - they tried at least to accommodate me (more than my family does), but they don't serve large portions of meat and their veggie intake is minimal. It was a rough 3 weeks! So, maybe the grain intake has something to do with the weird Free T3/Free Tr readings?? I don't know... By way of short explanation, before Paleo my TSH read 4.55, which is borderline but, of course, my Western doctor didn't even mention it so I unwittingly didn't care! :) Since going to a naturopath which is what started me down the Paleo path, I have gotten my TSH level down to anywhere between 2.19 and 2.35, probably still a bit high to be 100% normal, but still in a good range, I feel. The naturopath began running the full thyroid panel (Free T3, Free T4, etc.) a couple of years ago and I had borderline/low Free T3 and Free T4 readings and the doc put me on some supplements, etc. The readings normalized and I went off the supplements about a year ago and had normal-ish readings from there on - until this past week. I have new insurance and they pay for tests from the regular doctors more so than the naturopaths, so I asked my Western doc to run these tests for me. He's actually a Paleo doctor I found and is 100% supportive of my lifestyle and lives Paleo 100% himself, actually. Fortunately, he doesn't balk that my lipid profile has my cholesterol at 240 because my trigs are 45, HDL is 83, and LDL is a pretty high 157. :) Regardless, here's the funky results of my Thyroid panel. TSH - 2.36 Thyroxine, Free (free T4) - 3.63 Free T3 - 5.1 These numbers seem crazy to me! They have re-run the tests and I get those results mid-next week, but in the interim I'm a bit worried. My Free T3 last read 2.6 (normal) and my Free T4 last read 1.1 (also normal) and my TSH 2.17. As for current supplements, I do take a LOT of Biotin (from Thorne Research Laboratories) - 32 mg/day. I also take magnesium citrate/malate) - 470 mg/day (also Thorne); B Complex #6 (Thorne) - 1 pill/day, and 1 Hammar Nutrition Insurance cap once/day. That's it for supplementation (I used to use Thorne's Mediclear Plus protein powder every day for over months on end and that seems to be when my T3/T4 levels normalized...??) I haven't been able to find anything re: "normal TSH and very elevated Free T3/Free T4 levels" on line. Could stress/anxiety be causing such high readings? I've been under a great deal of stress the past 7-8 months and am working with meditation and other methods to lower my stress and anxiety levels. Does anyone have any ideas as to why these numbers would go sky high like this? I am confused - and so is my doctor. Thank you in advance! Cheryl

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