platelet-rich plasma therapy ? supplementation for osteoarthritis knee ?

Commented on July 04, 2013
Created June 14, 2013 at 10:03 PM

I sustained a sports injury while playing soccer many moons ago and as a result i have early onset arthritis in my knee joint. Ive had knee scoped twice over the years but found little to no pain relief from them scraping out the scar tissue or whatever else they did in there.

Ive been looking into this platelet rich therapy and so im wondering...

has anyone tried PRP therapy or know of anyone who has ? what was the outcome?

has anyone found any relief from a supplementation regimen? if so which ones helped?

seems to have helped these athletes for various ailments


"PRP has become widely publicized over the past half decade as numerous athletes undergo Platelet Rich Plasma injections. Some of the more publicized recipients of PRP therapy include Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward (noted above), Tiger Woods (a golfer who was recovering from ACL surgery), Kobe Bryant (a basketball player with cartilage damage in his knee), Alex Rodriquez (a baseball player recovering from hip surgery), and Rafael Nadal (a tennis player with knee tendinitis). Many other athletes have also undergone the therapy. "





I push through the pain and walk/exercise (with every damm ginger step ! lol ) even when its really hurting (whether thats a good idea or not im not sure) It has been the bane of my existence at times.

I make bone broths but havent quite made the all-healing brew as of yet..:) perhaps some eye of newt might help. or patella and femur of frog.. :P ...

any advice would be truly appreciated :)




on July 04, 2013
at 05:52 PM

oh neat..i wonder if PRP would work any better for you? Lets fly to Germany and get a 2 for 1 deal from the Basketball PRP-whisperer Doc. that all the athletes flock to. lol :) ( i wish! )



on July 04, 2013
at 03:08 AM

BTW, I had prolotherapy, the predecessor of PRP. From my ponderings, it will only work with tendons and ligaments, not cartilage. It definitely helped my wrist joints, but wasn't miraculous. It did tighten up and stabilize the ligaments a bit.



on July 03, 2013
at 03:42 AM

yeah ..ty MP..i wouldve liked to have seen some feedback as well. Maybe next time it comes up someone will share their knowledge/experience on the subject.



on June 18, 2013
at 02:08 AM

I'd love to see answers for this. PRP and prolotherapy seem like they best ways to heal injuries.

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