Pains in the left side jaw near the ears.

Commented on August 23, 2013
Created July 10, 2013 at 12:14 PM

My son had an accident since he was fourteen ,and now he is twenty,his left jaw hurts every time he tries to eat,even the smallest thing he tries to eat hurts,and this happen a few weeks now,He was hit in the face by the rear view mirror on the right side of his face then.thank you for your help.



on August 23, 2013
at 08:27 AM

See a doctor ffs, and don't gamble on your child's health online.



on July 10, 2013
at 03:24 PM

See a doctor, the internet rabble cannot diagnose and treat medical issues.

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2 Answers



on July 11, 2013
at 09:48 PM

Sounds Like a cervical spine injury (the joint right under the head can produce Those symptoms. See a chiropractor for therapy is my advice.



on July 10, 2013
at 02:13 PM

I have had something I would desribe in exactly the same way. It turned out to be a bursitis of the tendon there. I was convinced it was an ear infection but no. It went away with being gentle on it for a few weeks when eating, as it was caused in my case by being a little too intense on the wolfing, over the long term, and favoring one side when chewing. I have heard though that it is often caused by night grinding which is worse because it's harder to stop the behaviour.

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