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Them Everything that they will need to know to turn all welcome to the California health and health and fitness durability Institution well Gristle phalanx I'm feeling outstanding I???m prepared to get ago and I'm prepared to get started by development goes through this so much I prepared to get started so along those collections are I need to know what I'm dealing with I need to a UN so when I want to do is we???re upper stage it change harm in the coming back again alrightsounds outstanding our end Rich is identify yet but just due other sizing the town doesn't have a variety that way on and so we need to do onThe fates think and no I'm obese but for me to have to remain in their on a variety in a running docking station in Weymouth self growth as some believe what I prepared to cope with the variety yes I am because I'm prepared way for I'm on gone on aspects on me on could force huh 369 helms as amazing S three individuals right there no one should ever use that much this is not a lot its own errors in all aspects in them do something about it buddy know that I???m never going to take a place right here in now ever getting see that extensive variety never again really aspect I'm prepared so now we're going to go to the well as kitchen area where she is going to get off all incident course in nutrition this is really Rachel???s taken into really whenever you want you get fresh vegetables going in here it gives you quantity without the vitamin intake for the typical females in this country probably needs to be getting between 1500 to 1700 vitamin intake the obese that we've seen here are getting roughly 3500 to 6,000 vitamin intake is little individuals puffed-up right nothing ever Fritos enhance was quickly over a million vitamin intake and her healthier and balanced version was 350 vitamin intake hmm okay.

This is hardly operating and your aspect image finally it's here we are at that first perform out I we're pushing and pushing and Fisher because I want to see if she is going to fight or she is going to run outstanding really it down into it and potash all those using problems always the dark lambs I always a conflict let's go come on Shrub effect plus you everything well likely to be to wait finally I am generally being forced tithe limit where I can't kind can brief you got This yes you can Amanda-b Bines there you are not traveling insufficient 3 few one that factors outstanding guy show me what you got display go faster now faster pp I noticed you got to provide you need to get up been up to you have to quantity down giddy up really come on you're not trying complicated enough Indeed a variety of and 50 okay outstanding junk yes it can thank you yes really don't you appropriate want to a self-control fit right now.


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