ThE SkiN CaRe CaReM

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The crown on the headwoman turn your head as far to the right and slowly roll it down around left incent and then switch to the other side up left down around right Center to several more work those kinks out of your neck keep her on the shoulders down an able to stop we're moving on to single leg kicks we???re going to stay in the same position going to keep the right click twice the right foot the next end back and then left extend right extend and left fixed and beautiful keep going keep trying the shoulders down the back keep lifting the naval see you don't go into your back don't let the upper body move and kick extend and kick breached feel like couple more here K kick extend K kick extend kick cake extend keep going remembered to keep breathing keep dry in the shoulders down don't forget to let that name to spine this helps protect your back age renew skin couple more sets here reach lag back beautifully Dan now we're going into super woman you can all the way down onto your belly reach the arms and legs and opposite directions think she'd rather shoulders down and scooped the belly in your preaching to the fingers and toes keep squeezing your booty see you don't go into your back and your breathing you're reaching through the crown on your head so you're looking down the back your neck as long breathing in were holding but keep breathing and slowly released down take a pica inhale and exhale up going to do that again draw the ribs in squeeze your booty inlet the arms and legs feature opposite directions want you to get longer here not hire your evening from the shoulders down preaching to.


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