ThE bOdY bUiLdInG SuPPleMeNt

Asked on July 05, 2014
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I really don't your story so compelling it's great to see that you are able to turn your life around and I'm just so happy that you found home with us said O'Neill and other financial hardships you've gone through and tough I've got a ten thousand dollar bonus for you all their get over that I never while I???m homeless again so it fell on their thank you finance you mention maybe school be in the cards for you when you???re ready to go back to school I've got forty thousand dollars seaside for you know I home life and yes I want to cry hours spare thank you really like really dang I don't know how to feel right now you know this I somebody I really cares you know it just I want to have assesses security I felt like that that's what was given to me today Nazarene I learned a lot from you in Anaheim I thought it was genius that you may be wearing a backpack around the store really inspired for me how important it to motivate our sales staff and so there's a fifty thousand Ripped RX NO2 Blast dollar bonus pool being put in place for the entire retail staff because the performance and a great results they've posted only good sue because if someone to change that you???ve inspired company I would like to do a few things 30 I'mgonna send you and your daughter on an all-expenses-paid trip to the theme parks thank you so much she would love that in addition I would like to you pair ran for the next year well-regarded date you know cut and I'm not done if he had died may be sending you home with a twenty thousand dollar bonus LeeHiller to really help you know with your financial needs raising your daughter we could thank you for everything you're welcome really want to make sure that I make your path little bit easier needed thank you so much this she's so generous and so kind it???s about being happier thane day like I've always said and today I am so happy or hey it was really special for me to have.

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