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The researchers found that people who averaged six hours of sleep per night with percent more likely to be overweight than this our counterparts and those averaging as a site plan on was seventy-three percent more likely to be overweight how could sleep be so powerful was a lot to do with balancing hormones his sleep as such a dramatic effect on home runs like in Zealand lepton Grail in cortical thyroid-stimulating hormone growth hormone although which per family influence fat at these comments not only affect that production but they also promote excess eating with the body losing the sense Rejuveneye of enough is enough or in other words being feeling full now the nd Lt should pay attention toys virtually never included in any fat loss program just like inadequate sleep that promotes the stress hormone cortical this element also calls up cortical but uses cortical as an anti-inflammatory any ideas was chance pathogenic bacteria fungi viruses parasites that lead to infections and information this diagram comes from Russ Farris and it sat the potbellies seemed roundup call he goes on to state an infection causes inflammation which the body then produces cortical to reduce the information and its excess cortical piece to metabolic disorders like a BCD diabetes just as stress has so it's another stress on the body so what should we do to do with germs and.


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