Low ferritin -could it cause erectile dysfunction?

Answered on April 13, 2018
Created June 04, 2017 at 4:08 PM

I am 21 years old man.

I recently experience an erection dysfunction in the past mobth. I should mention that I had sleeping issues, stomach pains and weakness. 

I had a blood test and I discovered that I have low ferritin amount (5.54) when the minimum is about 24 . Is that the reason I have weak erections? I started taking iron and folic pills and I feel that it gets some better but I feel like I don't have strong erections as I had. This issue happened a day after I masturbated and felt a little pain at the top of the pinness.

So I wonder if it's the ferretin which causes it or the masturbation ( I don't feel that pain anymore) or could it be testosterone low level ( I workout alot at the gym tho). And I don't have strong morning erections as well.

I feel really depresed because I can't hold it erectiled during sex if I try to put a condom ( if I stop touching it for few seconds it just falls)



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on April 13, 2018
at 05:20 AM

I think it has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction issue. Normal erection depend on the blood flow. in case of erectile dysfunction issue you can go with Kamagra medicine.

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