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Asked on February 21, 2014
Created February 21, 2014 at 2:24 PM

I'm interested in setting up a process so I can do a repeating blood chemistry test and/or other tests as I see many people doing and discussing online. The outcome would be that I can see and understand changes in my health over time and correlate that to my diet and other factors.

The initial problem would be the amount of information that comes at you from a test, getting the best testing regimen or series accomplished, then storing that in a format I can understand and repeat over time to use for a baseline and see changes.

When i signed up for Paleohacks I got a welcome message from the site founder where he describes his medical testing regimen with his naturopath, Sean.

His testing regimen sounds very detailed. I can imagine getting tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, blood chemistry tests, vitamin d, iron, leaky gut, testosterone, and so on and so forth.

There are organizations like the Life Extension Foundation that offer very extensive testing regimens or I could go to a doctor or naturopath locally who could design the testing regimen. I don't have a doctor currently with this background and not sure how to find one.

I have had blood tests done by my standard MD in the past. Having done so, the information I've gotten is difficult to use effectively.

The interpretation of the information can be detailed, couched in medical jargon, and very complex. Simply getting the right test can be a challenge.

I don't have infinite funds or time, yet still want to approach this in a way that maximizes my ability to understand potential health challenges I need to address for my long term well being.

Does anyone have a workflow they can comunicate where they accomplished the above? I've posted Dave's post below about his testing regimen. How did he get this done, or how can I replicate this with a minimum of fuss?


We ran tests to figure out my adrenal function, my gut health, and if I had any parasites. Lo and behold - my symptoms weren't just a natural thing. I had stage 3 adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and serious dysbiosis/candida. Not to mention my brain chemistry was all kinds of out of wack from my inability to digest food properly... In relative terms: my testosterone (as a 22 year old male at the time) was lower than my 57 year old, post menopausal mom's. NOT good.

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